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How are Realistic Virtual Humans made?

Convert a Dalle generated image to 3D | CODE + MODELS | New Method

The "metaverse" will be built based on realistic virtual persons, and this foundation will facilitate distant presence, cooperation, education, and entertainment. To make this possible, new 3D virtual human creation tools must be developed that are easy to use and can be easily animated. Traditionally, this has required a lot of time and money spent by the AI artist. Because of this, these methods are not scalable. Allowing people to build their own avatars from one or more photographs is a more realistic solution.

There are currently various options when it comes to creating a minimally clad 3D human model. However, critical elements like clothes and hair are missing from existing parametric body models. As a result, we offer a technique that pulls 3D scan-like data from any picture (e.g DALL·E 2) and utilizes it to build an 3D avatar.

Upload your image now, using the link below, it's free and available immediately

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